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Cover tyres for vehicles 5 years or younger with less than 60,000 miles on odometer.

You are eligible for cover if at the Start Date of the policy:

  • a) You are a private individual and the registered owner and keeper of Your Vehicle;
  • b) You are resident in the United Kingdom, excluding the Isle of Wight and the Islands of Scotland (including The Shetlands, Orkneys, Inner Hebrides and Outer Hebrides Islands). Please note that this means that the Isle of Man is also excluded;
  • c) Your Vehicle is 5 years or less and has fewer than 60,000 miles on the odometer at the start of the policy;
  • d) The Tyres fitted to Your Vehicle are of the original manufacturers specification, are ‘E’ Marked and have a minimum of 2mm tread depth across all the tread of the Tyre.
  • e) i) Your Vehicle has been inspected by a local repair agent at a date and time to suit you. This vehicle inspection is arranged for you by MotorEasy, is free of charge and must be completed before a policy can be issued;
  • e) ii) Your Vehicle has no existing tyre damage and a minimum of 2mm of tread across the full width of the tyre. Any issues identified during the inspection, must be rectified before any policy can be issued and a further inspection may be required. If Your Vehicle has no existing tyre damage a policy must be taken up within 30 days of completion of the inspection.

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