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EV/ Hybrid Warranty

Working with the UK's first direct EV extended warranty to include drive battery protection. Ultimate peace of mind against expensive EV repairs.

Drive batteries do the majority of the “heavy lifting” to power electric and hybrid cars and, if they fail outside the manufacturer’s warranty, it can cost you more than £5,000.

A lot of other common components can also carry costly repair bills, making EVs and HEVs up to 10 times more expensive to repair than traditional cars. This often includes the control module, air conditioning, steering, sensors and brakes.

As electric and hybrid cars are fast becoming a major consideration for UK motorists, we’ve developed an electric vehicle warranty that makes EV ownership as easy, cost effective and stress free as possible.

  • Parts, labour and diagnostic cover for EVs up to 10 years old
  • Includes the main expensive drivetrain components*
  • Speedy, same-day repairs authorisation
  • We handle repairs directly with the garage
  • We pay garages ourselves, so you’re never out of pocket
  • Submit and track repairs online – any time, whatever device you’re using

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