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Do I need Motor Excess Cover?

By November 5, 2021February 8th, 2022news
What is motor/car excess insurance?

So you have just purchased your car insurance but like many drivers, there will be an excess to pay in the event your car gets damaged and needs to be repaired. This can range from £150 to £1000.

So what is motor excess cover and do I need it?



What is motor/car excess insurance?

To drive on public roads in the United Kingdom it is a legal requirement to have a minimum of third-party liability insurance.

Many choose to take out further motor insurance (third party, fire, and theft or fully comprehensive) to protect them from the potentially horrific costs associated with repairing their car after an accident.

Unfortunately, as car insurance can be expensive, people often increase their voluntary excess in addition to their compulsory excess to lower their premiums.

This means if you are involved in an accident or your vehicle is damaged your insurance provider will typically deduct the excess from your final settlement.

The excess is specified in your main policy documentation and it relates to a sum of money that the insurer will expect you to contribute towards the cost of any future claims.

Why should I take out motor excess cover?

It’s estimated that over 30% of drivers cannot afford to pay their excess when collecting their car from a garage following an accident.
Our Private Car Excess product is the only one on the market which is not a reimbursement product.
This means in the event of a claim on your main car insurance policy, you won’t pay anything out of your own pocket.
Car excess insurance from Bettersafe pays the excess directly to the garage when your car is left with them for repair.

Why would I need Private Car Excess Insurance?

If there is a significant gap between the costs you are facing to repair or restore your vehicle and the amount you have received from the insurance company, you are going to be faced with one of two painful choices:

  • To pay out of your own finances.
  • To keep your car off the road until you are able to.

Of course, if you have our car excess insurance policy you will have a third option – where the Bettersafe claims management team will pay the excess amount direct to the garage.

This means you can feel confident that once your vehicle is repaired, it is ready for you to drive away – without you having to pay the excess yourself.

Another benefit of our policy is that you may be able to use your excess cover to save you money overall.

If you have purchased our policy, you may be able to increase the amount of excess you can voluntarily take on the motor policy. This excess would then be covered by your Bettersafe insurance policy. You might see a substantial reduction in your motor premium as a result.

What is covered?

Our private motor excess insurance would provide you with cover in the following instances:

  • Following an accident, irrespective of allocations of fault.
  • Where your vehicle had been stolen but recovered damaged.
  • If your vehicle was damaged as the result of a fire.
  • If your vehicle was vandalised by a third party.
  • Any situation where you have made a successful claim on your main car insurance policy and that claim had been subject to an excess deduction!


  • If the incident which resulted in you making a claim on your primary motor insurance policy occurred before the start date of the policy.
  • If no Excess was paid by you or was deducted from the claim settlement by the insurer of your primary policy.
  • If Your claim was not successful or was for less than the amount of the excess.
  • If your claim was only in respect of glass replacement.

Does this sound like something you would be interested in? Get yours today and get protected!

Buy your excess cover today by visiting

Granite Motor Assistance is a division of CRASH Services, NI’s leading accident management specialists.

What is motor/car excess insurance?

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