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Granite Motor Assistance offer car warranty protection against expensive repair bills.

Linking with one of the best car warranty products on today’s market, we’re confident that we can satisfy all our customers. Whether you’re buying used, already own your vehicle or are extending an original manufacturer’s agreement, Granite Motor has the right car warranty for you.

Now you can stop worrying with our instant cover. A car warranty protects you against costs for both parts and labour after a mechanical or electrical failure in your vehicle.

Types of extended car warranty

MotorEasy offers varying levels of cover with their car warranty to suit your specific needs. The table below shows what is covered in each car warranty package:

Components / System A B C
Air conditioning
Braking system hydraulics
Braking system cables, pedal assembly and vacuum pump
Clutch ancillaries
Clutch plate – including cover and release bearing
Cooling system thermostat and water pump
Cooling system radiators and fans
Main ECU (computer)
Other ECUs (computers)
Airbag electrics (external to airbags)
Starter motor and alternator
Main electrical system components
Emission system components
Catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters
Fluids and consumables
Flywheels and drive plates
Fuel system – pumps and tank
Fuel system – other components
Ignition system – coils, crankshaft and camshaft sensors
Ignition system – other components
Crankshaft rear oil seal
Gearbox input shaft oil seal
Other oil seals and gaskets
Power steering motor, pump and ram
Other steering system components
Super / Turbochargers

Our warranty provider will go the extra mile to ensure you have full and comprehensive coverage with your extended car warranty.

  • They cover more parts – Covers a huge number of issues including those caused by wear and tear, unlike many other manufacturers making our cover some of the best car warranty protection on the market.
  • They pay the garage directly – you don’t have to pay anything to the garage as this is done directly with this car warranty, meaning you’re never out of pocket.
  • Choose a garage that’s right for you – you can choose from our list of 10,000 specially selected garages around the UK or use your own for warranty repairs.
  • Track your repair online – you can track the process of your repair 24 hours a day.
  • Car warranties include issues discovered in MOTs and services – if a garage identifies a fault during your MOT or service, it is covered as part of your car warranty.
  • Car warranty claims are up to the value of your car – you’re covered for claims up to the total value of your vehicle.
  • You’re covered in Europe – our extended warranties can cover you in Europe, depending on your policy.

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