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Alloy wheels look fantastic but kerbing them is a risk you’ll constantly run. Rather than dreading a hefty alloy repair bill we can offer a fantastic product which keeps them looking pristine!

For New Cars

Most Alloy Wheel Insurance must be purchased from a dealership with a new or nearly new car purchase. This means you’ll usually end up paying hefty margins to the sales person. By buying directly from MotorEasy we can save you a huge amount vs these prices.

For Used Cars

As we’re different to most alloy wheel insurers, we can offer cover on vehicles not recently purchased from a dealership – even for private sales! We’ll carry out a complimentary inspection (worth £60!) at a workshop local to you, and your cover starts immediately after this.

What type of insurance is it?

Alloy Wheel Repair Insurance is designed to protect customers from the costs of repairs to an alloy wheel fitted to their vehicle following accidental or malicious damage.

What is insured?

  • Provided:
    • You are a private individual and the registered owner and keeper of the vehicle;
    • Your vehicle is five years old or under and has covered less than 60,000 miles at the start date of the policy;
    • Your vehicle has been inspected by a local repair agent at a date and time to suit you. This vehicle inspection is arranged for you by MotorEasy, is free of charge and must be completed before a policy can be issued; and
    • Your vehicle has no existing alloy wheel damage. Any issues identified during the inspection must be rectified before any policy can be issued and a further inspection may be required. If your vehicle has no existing alloy wheel damage a policy must be taken up within 30 days of completion of the inspection.
  • In the event your alloy wheel is damaged beyond a point whereby a reasonable cosmetic repair can be carried out then the policy will pay the cash equivalent of the cosmetic repair cost (up to £100 including VAT) to put towards a lathe skim or repair.

What is not insured?

  • Alloy wheels that are aftermarket fitment, not of the original specification for the vehicle.
  • General wear and tear, corrosion, pitting, discolouration, tar staining, neglect or cracked or buckled wheels.
  • Theft of the alloy wheel(s).
  • Damage present on an alloy wheel prior to the commencement of the policy.
  • Alloy Wheel(s) of split rim construction, with a machine polished (chrome effect) finish, or with a recessed, rebated or raised profile to the rim section or any two-toned painted alloy. Plastic trims attached to the alloy wheel are also excluded (and must be removed prior to any repair to any covered alloy wheel).
  • Damage caused by driving the vehicle while the tyre is deflated; or a replacement tyre being fitted to the alloy wheel.
  • Any claim which is the subject of fraud, false actions or dishonesty or where the loss is covered by any other insurance.
  • Where it is discovered that this policy was purchased more than 30 days following the completion of the inspection of your vehicle or where a free of charge vehicle inspection facilitated under this policy has not been carried out before the policy was activated.
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